about me

The short version

As a former buyer in the fashion industry, my unhealthy addiction to work, stress, and perfection led me down a path of holistic healing. After attending nutrition school, I cultivated my passion and activism into the safe beauty movement, educating and coaching women on the perils of mass market cosmetics. Today, I work as an esthetician here in New York and am founder of The Whole Hive coaching.

the long version

Hi, I’m Jen!  A former caffeine addict, workaholic, and French fry junkie, turned esthetician and wellness coach.  Everyone has chaos in their life.  I know firsthand how lousy it can feel to live in an environment full of unhealthy foods, toxic relationships, and impossible schedules.  A few years ago, while working in the fashion industry, I was plagued by digestive issues and lacked the energy needed to keep up with a hectic work and travel schedule.  As my job demanded more, my body couldn’t keep up.  I was diagnosed with IBS, a sluggish thyroid, and a hormonal imbalance that left me with raging acne.  This lead me to question everything from my career choice to my own self-worth.  The doctor pushed pills and left me questioning the root cause of the problems.  I knew there had to be a better way.  As I started reading and researching (…and reading and researching some more), I realized that my body was capable of healing itself.  I went through many ups and downs and tried all different kinds of unconventional approaches.  The simplest formula is what worked for me; the basic principle of healthy eating, proper exercise, and mandatory self-care.

 As I started feeling better, I became inspired to empower others to simplify decision making and make better lifestyle choices.  I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and earned my certification by studying a number of different diets and lifestyle coaching approaches from teachers like; Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Deepak Chopra.  As my interest in nutrition grew, so did my interest in holistic skincare. Having dealt with acne in my teens, and then again in my late 20s, I thought it was a life sentence.  My self confidence was nonexistent and I would do just about anything to avoid being seen in public.  Empowered by wanting to heal, and inspired by wanting to help others like me, I went to skin school.  I attended Christine Valmy and learned from the best in the field.  I am now a licensed Esthetician, and I thrive on seeing my clients with healthy, glowing skin.

My specialties are holistic nutrition and skincare — my passion is helping others.